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Yves-Gérald Délice was born in New York and grew up in Georgia. Though his parents aren't musicians, music was always present in the household and Yve was very interested in learning an instrument from a young age. He eventually got a hold of a little plastic recorder and started learning from a primary school teacher. After upgrading to trumpet and some other members of the brass family, Yve happened to come across a bass guitar and he quickly fell in love with the instrument.

Before he even really knew how to play bass, Yve started a small band/project called Ghost of Evergreen with his best friend where he wrote music and performed in various venues in Atlanta. It was in that environment that he discovered his love for arranging and composing even though he didn't really know that's what he was doing. As was Yve working with his band and playing bass with multiple groups performing in restaurants and bars, he felt unfulfilled and decided to go to Berklee College of Music to round out his musical skills.

During Yve's time at Berklee, he majored in Contemporary Writing and Production and minored in Writing for Television and New Media. He worked with multiple ensembles, bands, and artists as a music director, composer, arranger, and producer while learning about scoring visual media. Though he had gained all of these skills, Yve felt that he spent more time learning how to succeed in the music industry rather than developing his voice as a creative. With that in mind, he decided to apply to grad school to take more time to explore his consciousness as a person and an artist.

Yve is now studying at the Graduate Center of Arts and Science at New York University for a Ph.D. in Composition with an en-route Master of Philosophy. His research is centered on the intersections between music and healing and he's currently exploring the limitations of sound in brainwave entrainment and neurofeedback.

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